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Welcome to English corner.


Let's have fun to learn English with Caksin.

Here, we are going to learn English through technology without internet connection. We can use all device platforms such as computer, laptop, tablet even handphone to use this media. Just simply connect your network and enjoy this attractive media. Happy teaching and learning and always keep your smile ON.
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Material explanation

Hi class, this room shows you the material that we will take today in the form of powerpoint slide. Please click the class below to go to the material explanation.

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Please take a note the material on your book if you think it is necessary.

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This room is the place to collect or submit your assignment asked by your teacher.
The files that you can upload are in the form of jpg, pdf, doc, excel and ppt.
Just choose the file or document that you have already written or created then upload it.
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Show your understanding

Are you ready to measure your ability in understanding the topic that you've already learnt before? it is time to show yours. Just choose your class to take the test today. Have a nice test and good luck!

Room test

for grade X

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for grade XI

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for grade XII

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Material Distribution

Kelas X
Semester I
1. Talking about self (pronoun, subjective, objective, possessive)
2. Congratulation
3. Intention (using would like to and tobe going to)
4. Describing people, thing and place
5. Announcement (in the school and work place)
Semester II
6. Past event > simple past tense vs present perfect tense
7. Recount > Personal experience (past verb)
8. Narrative > legenda rakyat
9. Memo, menu, schedule, sign(in the school and work place)
10. Degrees of comparison
11. Direction
12. Simple routine task

Kelas XI
Semester III
1. Suggest and offer
2. Opinion
3. Taking simple phone message
4. Formal invitation
5. personal letter
Semester IV (Modul)
6. Procedure (about technology and tips)
7. Passive voice
8. If clause/conditional sentence
8. Factual report
9. Analitical exposition
10. Biography

Kelas XII
Semester V (Modul)
1. Cause and effect (conjuction)
2. Simple report
3. Report presentation
4. Offering service
5. Curriculum vitae (CV)
6. Job interview
7. Obligation and necessity
8. News item
9. If clause + imperative

Fun Time

How's your lesson today? Run well? I hope so. If you want to refresh your mind, just listen and enjoy these nice songs or play some interacative games for free. Have fun and have a nice time!.

Listen and enjoy the popular songs


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Play and enjoy the interactive games


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Let's Play Game

Do you need some entertainments after doing test today? Try these simple attractive games. Just choose one of them and hopefully your spirit can return to you again. Happy playing and have a good time!!!







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About me

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My name is Muhammad muchlisin and people usually call me Caksin. I am an English teacher. This media is called by OFIW abbriviation from Offline Interactive Web. It is an open source and you can use it especially in teaching and learning to make your lesson easier and more interactive. Happy teaching and learning and always show your smiling face everytime. Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.


Thank you very much for using this media and I hope it will improve the students achivement.


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If you have any questions or you need help feel free to text me through my WA number 08986352229